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   E X P E R T L Y
T R A N S F R O R M E D  

Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair Transplant (FUE)

Understanding the process of hair loss informs our approach to hair restoration

At Refine Surgical we understand that in the majority of cases, hair loss is a life-long process which requires ongoing support. We approach male pattern baldness (MPB) as a genetic condition that needs to be managed in partnership with our patients, for which hair transplant is only part of the journey. For our female patients contributing factors are different and need to be carefully considered through holistic treatment plans.


Our team of highly qualified professionals have undergone an internationally standardised training program under Venus Concept, a global pioneer in modern hair restoration, with support from some of the world's best hair transplant surgeons. We deliver the latest techniques and FUE procedures via this team and have invested in state of the art technology such as NeoGraft - a revolutionary semi-automated system that allows the extraction and implantation of precision  hair grafts through a microsurgical approach, resulting in minimal scarring and a fast recovery time. 


Hair loss is unique to each person. The challenge is to achieve a customised treatment plan that meets the specific needs of the patient, for a realistic and natural long-term outcome. It is important to remember that the human hair follicle is one of the most complicated things in the universe and transplanting these delicate structures can be a challenging process. Patients should have an understanding of the phases of hair growth which are illustrated below.

Anatomy of a hair follicle

Growth cycle of human hair

hair bulb.jpg
hair cycle 4.jpg

Hair follicle phases

The procedure

Hair transplantation is performed under local anaesthetic.  After the donor area is prepared and anaesthetised the NeoGraft machine is used to gently extract the hair follicles which are put into cold storage in saline dishes. Following a break the patient is then positioned upright and the area to be implanted is prepared for surgery. Implantation of the follicles is performed by doctors and technicians working collaboratively with the patient to ensure appropriate positioning of the new hairs.


Neograft extracts and implants indivdual follicular hair units which are measured in clusters

follicular units.jpg

Restoring  hair - Naturally

- No Linear Scar
- No stitches or staples
- Minimal discomfort
- Natural looking results
- Faster recovery time than FUT

Realistic results - explained

1 Month

4 months

We are very grateful to our patients for allowing us to share informative realistic results. In this picture it is important to note that the implantation site can be a little red as the new skin and grafts bed in. Referring to the hair cycle above it is normal for the newly implanted hairs to fall out as the root enters the resting phase. Growth usually starts at 3-6 months as the follicle comes out of this resting phase. During this period the hair should be grown, combed and styled to blend in with the patient's existing hairstyle.

We offer our patients treatment based on our Care Quality Commission (CQC) values of excellence, honesty, social responsibility and development. With our specialist experience in the NHS these values are enshrined in our mission statement of vigilance and compassion. We hope to partner you on your journey of hair restoration with life-long supportive therapy to create a natural look that endures the effects of time.

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