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All of the following prices include any post-operative follow up and adjustment if necessary. Patients will have access to medical aftercare and advice 24 hours a day 7 days per week during their post-surgical period.

Due to the variable nature of each patient's individualised needs, these prices are a guide and we recommend contacting us for a personalised quote.

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NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant

Due to the variable extent of hair loss and each patient's individualised treatment plan, these prices can vary. Costs are based on the size of the transplanted area and start at £2495.

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Skin Lesions

Skin lesion removal starts at £195 and is dependent on the size, location and extent of the excision. Complex lesions which have any suspicious features may need histological analysis which costs £195.


Eyelid Restoration

Minor surgical eye procedures are performed by our specialist consultant and prices vary due to the size, extent and location of the pathology.  Eyelid restoration starts from £2200 and is dependent on the amount of skin, muscle and fat reconstruction that is required.


Podiatric Surgery

Surgical procedures to the foot and lower limb vary on the size, extent and location of the pathology. Minor procedures such as ingrowing toenail removal, verucca excision start at £265. More complex lesion and soft tissue removal starts at £495.


Non-Surgical Skin Therapy

Anti-wrinkle injections

1 area £180

2 areas  £220

3 area  £240

additional areas £50

Volume loss

Nose to Mouth from £250

Mouth to Chin from  £250

Tear Troughs  £350

Chin/ Cheeks from £250

Jaw from £350

Rhinoplasty £350

Volume Reduction & Boosters

Fat dissolving from £150

Filler correction/ dissolve £150

Profhilo from £250 

Seventy Hyal booster £150

Lumi-Eyes skin booster £150

Micro-needling £150

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